Estudios Latinoamericanos vol. 14 (1992)


Plenary Sessions

Towards Comparative History of Eastern Europa and Latin America (20th century)
Ryszard Stemplowski

Methodological Foundations of Comparative Studios of Large Regions of the World
Jeży Topolski

East Central Europe in the 20th Century. An Introduction to the Subject.
Jeży Tomaszewski

Uniformity or Diversity? Cenltral-Eastern Europe before and after 1945
Wojciech Roszkowski

Latin America within the Third World: the Search for a New Identity, the Acceptance of Old Contents
H.C.F. Mansilla

Situation, Colonialism, Backwardness. On the Possibilities of Comparative Studies of Eastern Europe and Latin America
Jan Kieniewicz

Développement historique de deux frontieres. En expansion de l'Europe jusqu'au )XX' siecle: l'Amerique latine et l'Europe de l'Est
Jean Piel

The National and the Revolutionary. Tentative Reflections on the Intertwining of Both Spheres in Revolution
Marcin Kula

Newly Industrializing Countries versus East European Economies. An Outline of Comparative Analisis
Aleksander Müller

Growth, Decay and the Future of Economic Nationalism (Notes)
Henryk Szlajfer

Latin America and Eastern Europe as Spheres of Influence
Tomasz Knothe

Peasant Movements in Eastern Europe and Latin America
Dittmar Dahlmann

Peasant Societies and Strategies of Social Reproduction in the Comparative Perspective: Southern Poland and Central Mexico in the 20th Century
Joaquín Roberto González Martínez

Socio-Historical Models of Spanish-American Democratization: A Review and a Reformulation
Carlos A. Forment

The Implications for Economic and Social Policy of the Transitions Underway in Eastern Europe and Latin America
Lawrence S. Graham

Some Trivial Reflections
Andrzej Szczypiorski

Eastem Europe and Black Africa. Some Problems of Comparative Studies
Andrzej Zajączkowski

Eastem Europe and Asia: Some Problems of Comparative Research
Ewa Toczek


Social Section

The Dynamics of Societal Conflicts as a Challenge for Systemic Change: Poland in the Eighties
Władysław Adamski

The Conception of People's Revolution in Cuba (1959-1970)
Michał Chmara

The Problem of Formation of the Communist Middle Class in Poland
Andrzej Jezierski

Changes in Professional Structure of the Poputalion in Latin America and Eastern Europe in the Second Half of the 20th Century
Andrzej Bonasewicz

Some Peculiar Features of the Latin American and Ukrainian Social Novels of the Early 20th Century
Oksana Burak

Philosophy and Society in East European and Latin American Preliminary Remarks
Eugeniusz Górski

The Ruling Elite: A Case Study of Bulgaria and Mexico during the Democratic Transition
Valentin Petrusenko

The Indigenous Trend in Peruvian Social Thought
Jorge Yika Rivera

Latin American Intelligentsia: Changes in the Structure, Status and Character
Zbigniew W. Iwanowski

The Historical Role of the Intelligentsia in East-Central and South-Eastern Europe
Janusz Żarnowski

Towards an Analysis of Brasilian Culture and Society
Frank D. McCann

Liberation Theology versus the Solidarty Ethic
Rev. Józef Tischner

Modernization as a Conceptual Tool for Research in Comparative Ethnohistory of Eastern Europe and Latin America
Ryszard Stemplowski

La influencia del español argentino en el polaco de la revista "Orędownik" (Misiones)
Zygmunt Wojski