Estudios Latinoamericanos vol. 18 (1998)


Con los lanceros del emperador Maximiliano en México. Memorias de un oficial

Stanisław Wodzicki

Abstract/Short description:

This is the Spanish language edition Stanisław Wodzicki 1931's book "Z ułanami cesarza Maksymiliana do Meksyku". It was translated by Zygmunt Wojski and accompanied by introductions by Maria Paradowska and Joaquín R. González Martínez. Stanislaw Wodzicki was born in 1844 and died in 1931. The book is an account of his participation in emperor Maximilian´s military expedition to Mexico between 1864 and 1867.

Short description written by Michal Gilewski


Los Nueve Señores de la Noche en función de Guardianes del Tiempo en los Códices Mesoamericanos

Elżbieta Siarkiewicz

Abstract/Short description:

Siarkiewicz's article deals with the 260-day calendar in the ancient Mexico. The period of 260 days is designated by combining a cycle of 13 subsequent, differently named days with another cycle consisting of 20 distinct signs. She presents evidence that the 260-day calendar was combined with a 9 day cycle referred to as the nine Lords of Night. These 9 days were used to differentiate the 260 day cycle and as a basis for calculation of even larger cycles related to the 52-year cycle of New Fire ceremonies.

Short description written by Michal Gilewski


En busca del foco de las representaciones de la muerte de Atawallpa: algunos argumentos en favor del estado neo-inca de Vilcabamba

Jean-Philippe Husson

Abstract/short description:

Husson's article deals with the problem of dissemination of the story of the death of Atawallpa. The royal Inca was executed by the Spanish in 1541. This event was very important and many differing descriptions of it exist. Husson compares different sources written in the colonial times. He takes into consideration differences between versions, their backgrounds, time and geography. Husson main goal is to reconstruct the indigenous view on this historic event.

Short description written by Michal Gilewski