Estudios Latinoamericanos vol. 23 (2003)



Territoriality and Space Among the Hupd'ah and Tukano of the River Uaupés Basin
Renato Athias

Short description (adapted from the Text):

The aim of this text is to present a vision of the territorial occupation of the indigenous groups that live in the Uaupés Basin, focusing on inter-ethnic relations and the models of spatial occupation of the Maku and Tukanoan (Oriental) indigenous groups that inhabit this region. The idea of this exercise is to indicate elements for a possible analysis of the concept of territoriality used by the Indians that live in this region. The basic of this work is the hypotheses on the indigenous presence in the Uaupés basin, presented by Nimuendajú and which an, albeit with a number reservations, accepted by the majority of the anthropologists working in this part of the Amazon. Ideally, archeological studies would be made to prove these hypotheses, but both the mythology and the oral tradition of these populations appear to ratify them. (…)


Análisis de la nobleza xochimilca a través del "Mapa de Xochimilco' pintado en el Códice Cozcatzin (folios 15-v y 16-r)
Juan José Batalla Rosado

Short description:

The article presents an analysis of the “Mapa de Xochimilco” (Map of the Xochimilco) that is painted in folio no. 15 and 16 of the Codex Cozcatzin, a pictographic document probably produced in the 16th century. The map represents the area of Xochimilco, agricultural fields, roads but also appears to describe three lineages important to the town of Xochimilco. The codex contains information coded with indigenous pictographic and Latin scripts. The article provides detailed and separate analysis of both types of information.

Short description written by Michał Gilewski


Unidades Sociais e Padroes de Relacoes Fusao e fissáo entre os Waiwai no Jatapuzinho
Carlos Dias

The article describes communities of the Waiwai indigenous group from the Roraima state in Brazil.


Festas para um nobre: ritual e (re)producao sociopolítica no Alto Xingu
Aristóteles Barcelos Neto

The article discusses the division of the river plain and mainland groups in the Amazon region.


You Are What You Speak, or Are You? Identity, language, sociocultural change, and the Pa'ikwené (Palikur)
Alan Passes

Short description:

Alain Passes describes the relationships between identity, language and recent sociocultural developments within the Pa'ikwené communities. He argues that ‘language loss is not identity loss’ and that identity can be manifested in many different dimensions. He uses recent observations of recent social phenomena among Pa'ikwené to support his ideas.

Short description by Michal Gilewski


Aliancas e faccoes. A organizagcao política dos Kagwahiva da Amazonia
Edmundo Antonio Peggion

The article describes the Tenharim organization of the Tupi people that live in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. A brief overview of the organization, its economic activities and its members is presented.


Sobre posesión y uso de la tierra entre la nobleza indígena de la Nueva España
José Luis de Rojas

Short description:

The paper presents sources about the land ownership and land use among the indigenous nobles in Nueva España. The historical documents indicate that indigenous elites have been aware of economic activities related with Spanish elite status and wealth and engaged in such. The author tries to estimate how numerous those indigenous elites were and how rich they could have been.


André Thevet et le Brésil: le voyage au paradis dans les Singularités de la France Antarctique, 1557
Ewa Walasek

The text describes Síngularités de la France Antarctique, a 1557 account of a journey to the French colony of France Antarctique written by André Thevet.



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